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Okay! As my 1st ‘how-to-draw’ tutorial, I’ll teach you how to draw HaiAato’s Mascot: Haimaru.

But first, I want to give some links to some other tutorials on the basics on how to draw anime. (Compliments of Bakaneko.com)
Anatomy&Drawing Basics
Female Figures


Now that you know the basics, let’s get started.
The Basic Skeleton1. Start w/ the basics. (Next, choose either face or clothes.)
If you’ve went over the tutorials on ‘anatomy’ and ‘female figures’, than you should know this. I have a lot of practice, so my skeleton is probably different from the tutorials, but don’t worry you’ll get the same result in the end. Just pose her with her left arm angled so her hand is on her hips and the other dangling. The knees (or at least one) needs to be bent slightly, so that it looks natural.
2. Face: Here we begin with the eyes. (Check the ‘extra’ tutorial for help.) Haimaru’s eyes are the basic Eyesprotagonist shape, people see that shape a lot. Keep in mind that the pupil is more of a sharp line than a circle or oval. (This is because I base my drawing style off of Rumiko Takahashi. And with her style, any character with demon in them will have a sharp pupil instead of round.)  Since the face is facing the front, the nose will have two nostrils showing.
3. Hair: (Check the ‘Hair’ tutorial.) I always begin with the bangs. It’s what starts out the entire design and makes the character stand out. Haimaru’s are again, basic. Start in the middle of the face and draw a half oval that stops at the top of the eyes, then continue with that basic shape through the length of the face. Next are what I call the ‘side-berms’ (even though they really aren’t.) All characters usually have something like this before their ears start out(did I mention we won’t be drawing regular ears?) Draw them curving in towards the face and then, when it gets to the shoulders, curve out just enough to make a curl. BangsIn the back of her hair I add the same type of curl to add to her flair. And end it at her chest. Oh! And don’t forget the ears! Her ears are usually mistaken as cat ears, but they are a pointy-type-of-dog ears. So, basically draw a triangle on both sides of her head, draw some extra stray hairs, her inner ear, and then your done with that.
4. Clothes: I start from the up and go down and work on covering her body the best I can. We start Finishedwith her collar, make a ‘v’ shape in the middle of her neck and connect it and outline it. Then you’ve got her sleeves, she has none, so you basically outline right where her shoulders begin. Now comes the obi; you start at the end of her chest and draw a rectangle directly over her waist-line. Put the string and knot that holds it together in the middle, and the bow in the back(the bow looks like a rectangle in this case.) Then the skirt, draw out from the obi and end the skirt where her legs begin(this is a very short skirt) there is a slit on her right side so draw that there and outline it. (Unfortunately) she has some shorts underneath the skirt. The boots are knee-high, you draw a ‘n’ shape right above where the knee starts. And as for the tail, I usually do whatever I want with it, draw a line showing the direction it goes in, I usually make sure it curves in some way. And then flesh it out and give it some stray hairs, like the ears.

And we’re done! Phew- that was harder than I thought, explaining all of that. Maybe next time I’ll just do a video or step-by-step photo tutorial, you let me know.
If you’d like to see more of my artwork, or just want to get to know Haimaru more check out my DeviantArt account.
‘Till next time!


Hi! My name’s Hannah (or Haimaru to my friends online) and I am the creator of HaiAato. Logo What does HaiAato mean exactally? Well, it’s Japanese. It’s basically the first particle of my name(which means ‘yes’) and ‘Aato’ is art. So if you ever see this companies name anywhere, it means ‘We say yes, to art!’

What is this blog here for? I want to share all the information I can get on what otakus(or fans of Japanese-cartoons) like. And to help those creative people out there who want to make their own fan items. It is my personal mission to help all those fans out there to get what they paid for, and for cheap. That’s why every-once-in-awhile I will be posting up items that otakus are wanting to sell online. They will usually be home-made or used.

My Picture of HaimaruWho is Hannah?

I’ve been selling on Ebay and Amazon since I was 16 years old; and sometimes even earlier than that. Since I’ve had an interest in Japanese Cartoons I’ve been buying Dvds, video games, plushies, and making fan-costumes and fan-art; it started to accumulate after a couple of years. So eventually I had to sell some of the things I wasn’t using, or was grown-out-of. The products that have sold the most in the years have been my Pokemon Game Boy Advanced and DS games. Had a lot of fun playing them, and now I know others are having fun with them too. But some other products, that I think don’t always get what they are worth, would be the fan-made stuff: cosplay and artwork. I don’t know about you, but I work pretty hard making my costumes and art believable; if you walk up to it and recognize the character it was made after, right away, then that person has done their job. That’s what this organization is for: those hard-core anime fans that have old costumes that don’t fit anymore, or don’t have room for their merchandise and want to make some money off of it.


Thanks for getting to know me and the company! Hope we’ll have lots of fun discussing topics together!

Until then!


HaiAato Mascot: Haimaru

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